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I love to write. Ever since I was a child I loved shopping off brand surplus discount stores like Marc’s and Bernie Schulman’s in Ohio, Ollie’s, Odd Lots just to find incredibly priced and high quality paper found in journals, notebooks, or just loose paper. A blank page of high quality paper and a cheap pen that just skates across the page can keep me entertained for hours – a to do list, the makings of a list of next steps to develop the next project, writing letters in long hand cursive (a lost art), or taking notes at church, at work, anywhere. For decades I’ve been journaling off and on – capturing personal thoughts, feelings. Journaling is healing, a way to reach within and bring forward in cathartic ways, suppressed experiences, traumas, emotions, anxieties, and of course documenting the good times too.


I now share some of my musings with you and encourage you to connect, engage, and visit our community in the Forum. All thoughts and opinions are welcome.


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